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Pattern and Profiles

We offer the majority of the patterns in the WWPA pattern book which can be viewed via as well as a vast selection of our own custom products such as:

Log Siding

3×8 and 3×10
Smooth or Montana Hewn Log Siding

2×6 – 2×12
Smooth face, Montana Hewn, Round-to-Round or Reveal Log Siding Patterns Available in Saw Kerf, Cove Back, or Square Back



Timber Sidings

2×8 – 2×12
Available in any of our custom textures

Square Edge Timber Sidings
Shiplap with or without Edge V or Gap
Available in Saw Kerf, Cove Back or Square Back


1×6 – 1×8 (Nothing wider)
Rabbeted Bevel
Thick Butt Bevel

We are able to offer so many patterns and profiles it is impossible to list them all here. Please contact our sales office for any and all inquires.

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