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About EPEX 10S - Solid

EPEX 10S is our Solid, tight grain, tight knot, kiln dried, high quality SPF line of products. Available in multiple textures for any project style. It comes with a 10 year non-treated substrate warranty and a 15 year primer warranty. Every piece of EPEX 10S is graded for 100% usage being wane free with tight knots and grain. It is a solid choice for fascia, soffit and rake, decorative columns, corner boards, door and window trim. EPEX 10S is a high performing, budget friendly alternative.

• 10 year Limited Non Treated Substrate Warranty
• 15 year primer warranty
• Wane free
• Moisture content is monitored at each step in manufacturing process
• Sherwin Williams Superpaint Acrylic Latex primer with Advanced Resin Technology assures longer life of prime coat
• Finish coat available on all product lines
• Available in all standard lumber sizes and lengths
• Direct shipping to Job site available
• Priced significantly lower than composites

4/4" in 2" thru 12" widths and 8'-16' lengths
5/4" in 2" thru 12" widths and 8'-20' lengths
8/4" in 2" thru 12" widths and 8'-20' lengths

- Fascia
- Door and window Trim
- Belly band
- Frieze board
- Corner trim
- Column wrap
- Garage Jambs

"Quality Without Compromise"

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